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Special Finishes

There is a huge range of paint products available, so with our skilled and qualified team of surface professionals and our experience with a wide range of projects, it is likely we can deliver on all requests - no matter how unusual. Special finishing and effects are no problem, and if we are unable to complete the work for you ourselves, we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Chrome Paint

For a finish that looks a million dollars. Look-alike chromed metal is great for its light weight finish at a fraction of the cost of real chrome. Able to be applied to a variety of surfaces including plastic, wood and glass, this unusual paint will ‘bling-up’ any project and turn basic items into expensive-looking accessories. Our 100% chrome paint is also able to be coloured to really give that WOW factor.

Suede Paint

Warm and soft to the touch, our suede paint is a great and fun option for turning items big and small into unique products. There is a wide colour range to choose from to suit any project.

Or, for something completely different, chrome and suede can be used together - two extremes of finishes: one cold and hard and 100% reflective, and the other soft, warm and not reflective at all. The two combined can look amazing. Contact us to discuss the options.